shopping at the Depot
What a nice long weekend! It was awesome having Jacob home for 4 days in a row! We got a lot done. We spent most of Thursday and Friday working on our 'curb appeal', whatever that means when there isn't a curb for 20 miles. We had a landscape architect come and give us a quote on a few projects, but then realized that we just didn't want to put that much money into the house, so we did it ourselves. We had so much fun picking out the flowers, and we took some left over stone from the previous owner that was behind the house and lined our walkway. We are also considering putting in an outdoor stairway using some of our railroad ties, so Jacob did one to see how it looks. It is cute, but I'm not sure we can spare as much time as it will take. 

We are pretty in love with the result of all our sprucing up outside, and we have to walk out to visit our flowers several times a day! Hopefully it will make a good impression to perspective buyers. The stager told us to grab them in the first 30 seconds. 

We also went to see fireworks in Blackhawk on the 4th, and went for a fun little hike this morning at Left Hand Reservoir. I wish Jacob didn't have to work tomorrow, but I guess we need to build our cruising kitty, so back to the salt mines for him.

Jacob and Audrey doing the 'Audrey' pose