We finished up Unit 4 in Singapore Math Kindergarten A, so we're on page 110 in that textbook and page 33 in the workbook.  We've been working on the addition wrap-ups too and Audrey's got the 1s and 2s down pretty well now.  That's a lot of math for a girl who hasn't started her first school year yet!

We're on page 73 of Zaner-Bloser Handwriting K, so we're more than half done with that.  We were just trying to decide whether to get the next book or maybe just do some practice and consolidate what we learned in the first book for awhile.

We're on Lesson 11 in the MCP Spelling Workout A, on page 45.  That puts us about a third of the way through that one.

We're all set on the first verse of "O Captain, My Captain," so we'll do a notebook page on that tomorrow.  I'll write it down as Audrey dictates, then she'll trace the letters and decorate the page and that will go into her memorization work notebook.

April and the girls also planted some carrots in a clear-sided container this week, so we'll observe as those guys grow and make science notebook pages on that.  They did Audrey's very first notebook page earlier this week, on the importance of sleep, after reading our Sleep Is for Everyone.

We have a showing on Sunday.  Here's hoping.  Again.