So we had a showing today.

April had to work, so the girls and I were on our own.  We hadn't gotten a call for a showing or anything, but I felt like something might happen, so we cleaned hard all morning. They did the basement and Lo's room and took out the recycling while I did the kitchen and bathrooms and our room.  We all worked for nearly 3 hours solid, and everything looked great, but no call came. 

Around 4, April was at a birthday party with the girls and I was just lying down for a nap, when there was a knock at the door.  It was a realtor and his client.  He seemed kind of annoyed and wanted to know why it took so long for me to come to the door and why the dog and I were in the house.  It turned out he was there for a showing they had scheduled at out neighbors' place.  I gave them directions and invited them to have a look at ours when they were done.

I ran round re-tidying after ourselves from the day and left the house.  They did come see the house which was great, but as I did my usual walk-around after a showing to see what they've moved or changed, I discovered what I had missed in my re-tidying: a little-girl poop in the toilet in the main floor bathroom.  Seat cover up and everything.

Well, at least we won't be holding our breath for feedback on this one...