Sounds like Wondertime's uncertainty about the length of their welcome in NZ, has been resolved, and happily.  I wonder how that came about.  I'll have to ping them for details.

We started in on Stevenson's "The Sun's Travels" today.  I love his stuff.  It's so deliciously flowery, yet precise, and to hear it come out of my 2- and 5-year-olds' mouths is just priceless.

Here's a tentative outline for our first actual homeschooling schedule:

- 30 min assigned / day, 5 days / wk; do a related notebook page
- 30 min “free” / day, 7 days / wk
- 1 short poem / 2-3 verses of a longer poem/wk
  - introduce Sunday
  - practice daily 
  - do a notebook page early in the week 
  - recite Saturday

min 2 pp. 5-20 min / day, 5 days a week

min. 1 lesson (2pp.), 30 min / day, 5 days/wk

- fun with critters (sea monkeys, ant farms, clear-skinned frogs, farm camp, others)
- related library reading, crafts, activities, and field trips