We had a nice planning meeting for our educational efforts for this fall.  Here are the math, science, history, grammar,  spelling, and composition curricula we've assembled so far.

We've gotten things rolling with reading, handwriting and math and we'll keep that up and gradually add the other stuff once we consolidate our routine with those.  We'll get all these balls in the air for fall and be off to the races. 

At our present pace, I'm pretty sure we'll complete the first math book and handwriting book by the end of summer, so well just continue with next books this summer. 

We released our 'flies today.  They were great!

I did some research on working in Oz and NZ, as it seems like a common pattern to sail that far, then stop and work for a bit before continuing.  Happily, it looks like software engineers and psychotherapists are on the lists of occupations which are eligible for temporary work visas.  I'll continue this line of research and hope to get good advice from a number of cruisers we follow who've done it.