Educating Audrey has really been on our mind lately. Should she go to public kindergarten, or should we start homeschooling immediately? Today we toured and sat in on a supplement to homeschooling program in Boulder. It was a Waldorf inspired program, and a really fun afternoon. The grounds were gorgeous, the staff was friendly and seemed to enjoy the children. When we got there, we were greeted by one of Audrey's friends, who is a student, she immediately whisked Audrey off to gather eggs from the chicken coop, then they were all climbing trees. Later, Audrey and I sat in on some afternoon crafting. They collected dandelions, and made necklaces, learned a fun dandelion song, and then we learned to needle felt. We (mostly Audrey, but she gave me a turn or two) made a sweet little dandelion fairy.

Audrey and I really loved it, Jacob liked it but has a few reservations. If we did decide to go this route, we would also work on academics at home.

needle felting her dandelion fairy
the finished product
Another thing I have been inspired about lately is healthy eating. I have been trying to focus more on making meal plans ahead of time, and incorporating as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible.  I'm pretty proud of tonights dinner. I made a wilted spinach salad with yellow bell peppers, onions, almonds, and a homemade strawberry dressing. We also put on top quinoa with chia seeds and baked salmon. It was SUPER good. I feel healthier already!