Lafitte 44s seem like nice boats.  Here's some info on them from Bluewaterboats has a nice write-up on them as does Cruising WorldSohcahtoa circumnavigated and is now for sale.  What about the teak decks though?

Hull Type:    Fin with rudder on skeg
Rig Type:     Cutter
LOA:          44.33' / 13.51m
LWL:          35.50' / 10.82m
Beam:         12.67' / 3.86m 
Listed SA:    967 ftft / 89.83 mm
Draft (max.)  6.33' / 1.93m  Draft (min.) 
Disp.         28000 lbs./ 12701 kgs. 
Ballast:      11310 lbs. / 5130 kgs.
SA/Disp.:     16.85
Bal./Disp.:   40.39% 
Disp./Len.:   279.40
Designer:     Robert Perry
First Built:  1978 
Last Built:   1989 
# Built:      56
Water:        115 gals. / 435 ltrs.
Fuel:         110 gals. / 416 ltrs.

One of our caterpillars has up and started dangling.  We got some nice practice with making observations, composing complete sentences about them, and demonstrating penmanship today.  Thanks for the links on their life-cycle, Mom.  The girls will enjoy those tomorrow.

Here's the workbook for our 1st year history text.  I'm really excited to have the chance to learn the ancient history that this curriculum covers, which I never had the opportunity to study.  It's a feature of the Classical Education that every four years we cover ancient history one year, the medieval period the second, the Renaissance the third, and the modern history the fourth.