I ordered up some samples of the Sonlight curricula.  Of course I'm not really into their theology, but they do seem like very well put-together packages.  

I'm still digging the Westsails!

This 32 survived The Perfect Storm after her crew abandoned her.

S/V Fiona is a 42 which has sailed a quarter million miles as of October 2012.  Here are some really interesting videos shot aboard Fiona.  Captain Eric says she's slow for a boat but fast for a house.

I find these boats very attractive.  Here are some specs:
Westsail 42 (Crealock)
Long Keel Cutter
LOA:        42.92'
LWL:        33.33'
Beam:       13.00'
Listed SA:  948 ''
Draft:      5.67'
Disp.:      31500 lbs.
Ballast:    12000 lbs.
SA/Disp.:   15.27 
Bal./Disp.: 38.09%  
Disp./Len.: 379.80
Water:      300 gals.
Fuel:       200 gals.

Here are some 42s and 43s (CC version of the 42) for sale today:

1976, GA, 85K