Another big work day on the house -- April went through her closet and dressers and reduced their inventory again by half. I took all the gold lighting fixtures out to the driveway and, despite the oncoming blizzard, spray painted them "oiled bronze," and changed the gold tub fixtures to "brushed nickel" likewise. We took everything out of the pantry, threw half of it away, and will put the rest back tomorrow once I install the new pantry storage thing we got today at Costco.

We also picked up a new vanity top and tub fixtures for the downstairs bathroom. So now that bathroom is getting a new vanity top, vanity faucet, medicine cabinet, vanity light fixture, shower fixtures, towel bar, and is getting painted, and having the shower doors replaced.

Audrey read lesson 93 and we did another simple addition lesson. She picked out a new book at Costco and spent the entire drive home reading us pony stories.