Man, I'm falling off the wagon.

Lisa came and took pictures and put up a prodigious number of signs on Thursday. We hit the MLS Friday. We had our first official realtor showing today.  The folks were not interested, as they want level land for animals, but we did get great compliments on the house from the realtor, which was really nice and validating.

Audrey's been reading me stories every evening and she's doing really well with them.

I got back to boat research a little today with some exhaustive research on Valiant 40s.  I hadn't realized that was Bob Perry's first design.  It's a very well regarded offshore vessel, but there was a period from 1978 to 1981 when many of the boats that were built would later develop a serious blistering problem.  Of course all the most affordable V40s are blister boats, unfortunately.

I came across the Robinson Curriculum today.  It looks really interesting.  I like the focus on learning to learn.  Of course it's  a long way from unschooling, though it seems as if the might be sort of complimentary after all.

I simply must break through 226.