Really not much in the way of moving toward our goal this weekend, other than checking a couple items off the list of things we ought to do while we still live in Colorado: Pike's Pike, Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings.  We did spend 2 nights as a family in a rather cozy hotel room, so that was good practice for close-quarters family life.  And of course Audrey got in her sea-berth practice.

I've been practicing a couple other important skills for a life full of unanticipated challenges, one of the handier being laughing at trouble.  I have this image of Dad going to haul in a line and, rather than whatever result was desired, the block at the other end simply falls into the water as the cotter pin falls out due to a missing curly wire.  Where I would normally go red in the face and start cursing, Dad just laughs and moves on to working out a solution.  I'm not sure if this specific thing ever actually happened, or just lots of little experiences along those lines, but I've been working on emulating Dad's reaction and I'm happy with the results so far.  It's so much more empowering to laugh confidently at trouble than to splutter in impotent rage.