Super busy day.

I smashed that little slab that the excavators left lying willy-nilly behind the house a couple years ago; reinstalled all the light fixtures I had taken down to convert from gold finish to bronze; stained the baseboard and shoe that Matt the handyman installed yesterday; cut and installed the last deck board; installed a bunch of faceplates, some of which have been missing since the painting, others since we moved in; replaced a couple outlets; fixed a door jam we'd modified to install a baby gate; fixed the heat lamp in the bathroom, which had been missing its cover since the painters were here; touched up the kitchen and front door paint; and stained the upstairs door frame. April also passed along that gigantic tube TV we've had since Girdwood.

Tomorrow the trash hauler will come to remove our refuse pile from all these projects, and we will clean the garage and girls' rooms yet again; reinstall some trim pieces on the stairs; install some trim prices on the garage; put up the last pieces of staging art; clean the pellet stove; and install the last of the catches in the kitchen.