We spent pretty much the entire day working on 100 square feet of kitchen floor.  We're about a third done with it.  Turns out flooring is kinda labor-intensive.

Audrey read her first new story in normal orthography.  The last couple were repeats of stories we'd read previously with Siegfried's fancy letters.  It went surprisingly well, though a bit of a struggle at times.

The hardest part of this whole learning to read thing for me is how she can read a word perfectly the first time she sees it and then struggle with it in the next line.  I guess it's just part of the process.  But literally today there was a sentence with "far, far" and the second "far" was really challenging, while the first didn't give her a second's hesitation.  Crazy.

I might be a believer in un-schooling.  Since about lesson 20 I've abandoned pushing Audrey on this thing in any way.  We only do it if she chooses to when I invite her to, and I always offer that we can set it aside for the moment if she gets really frustrated, but she almost always chooses to push through.