Len finished up the mudroom bench and shelves.  They look really great.  Len and April got the fridge really nicely cleaned up.  We got the new bi-fold door in on the upstairs bathroom.  We also got rid of those chintzy shoe racks.  I had Nick the plumber in to look at the upstairs shower and he said he'd do the job for $50 plus parts.  And he'll also help me with hauling away refuse with his truck for $50.  So good deals, I think

Tomorrow we'll work on the new window sill; replacing the downstairs medicine cabinet; replacing the laundry room bi-folds; and replacing the kitchen flooring.  The garage is getting really chaotic at this point with 17 projects in varying stages of completed-ness and a million things we've moved out but not decided what to do with.

Audrey did great on lesson 76.