Audrey did a nice job with lesson 86 today.  Yesterday, she wrote down her first original sentence: "Yer the gratist mom."

Lorelei made it through her first day without a potty accident.  That's a big first.  It will certainly help with selling the house not to have a smelly diaper pail in her room.

We got a bunch of the decor items that the staging consultant recommended.  I've often thought how strange it is to fix up a house only when you're trying to leave it.  So of course I wanted to see what that was like.

I dropped off 5 boxes of old papers at the transfer station that we had cleared out of the office this weekend and 90 gallons (in 3 30 gallon trash bags) of other junk from the garage.  April also took 5 boxes of old kid stuff down the hill.  Every box and bag we get rid of feels like a weight off of my shoulders.  It makes me think of those boats at Cabo which were able to abandon their ground tackle and get away relatively unscathed.