Whew! We have been busy around here! The house is really starting to come along, thanks in huge part to my dad. He was here for 10 days helping with our big tiling projects. He did an amazing job, and it is nearly done. As we complete things off our list, it seems like new projects are popping up. For example, our medicine cabinet has decided it has had enough and is now falling apart. Our new list is a bit shorter now though, and hopefully we will get it all done in order to officially put the house on the market by early spring.
playing a little pinball with Grampsy
We tried to have some fun with my dad too, and did some skiing (both with Audrey and the adult variety), swimming and just hanging out. We discovered the series The Tudors and managed to watch the entire first season during his trip (beware, it is occasionally slightly uncomfortable to watch with your dad), now we have to wait until his next trip out to watch season 2. I'm dying with anticipation.

Jacob, 1/2 contortionist, 1/2 gymnast, trying to plug the stove back in