We have been so busy lately trying to figure out how to sell our house. Are we crazy for trying to do it ourselves? I look at the steps involved and it doesn't seem so hard, but then the execution of it is daunting! But really...is hiring someone worth close to $10,000? That is a lot of boat re-fitting we could do. I'm also pretty freaked out by the thought of having to keep this place clean all of the time. Anyone who has ever lived with me, or even come over to my house for that matter, knows that I'm not naturally the most tidy person in the world, and that was even before I had two young girls to help me clutter it up. How do tidily-challenged, busy moms do this? I need some advice!

One piece that is coming along nicely is the website. Jacob did a beautiful job with it. We just have a few more pictures and details to add to it and it will be done!

Here are some recent pictures of the girls, just for fun:

Audrey at her 1st day of Eldorables

Audrey at the Boat Show