We have been dealing with a new behavior from Audrey lately. She doesn't want to do ANYTHING! Every morning we discuss our plans for the day and no matter what the plans she always says 'I don't want to do that!' Today it was ski lessons, yesterday was school, and the day before was dance class. All things she normally loves. Of course, after she is done with the activity, she loved it, had so much fun, and can't wait for the next one. In fact, her ski instructor told me that she had an amazing attitude today, and was the only kid that never said "I can't."  Jacob and I have tried lots of responses to her refusals, some that I'm more proud of then others, but it persists. I am getting very frustrated. I think I will be searching the Love and Logic resources tonight!

A few ski pictures:

The little ski bunny

Audrey with her Eldorables group and instructor Holly