Today I began outlining a FSBO plan:
  • Collect key documents (title, survey, mortgage, insurance, etc.)
  • Plan selling costs (home repairs, appraiser, attorney, title company, etc.)
  • Decide what to pay buyers' agents and how and whether to advertise that.
  • Get appraisal
  • Choose price
  • Choose attorney
  • Compile house book (vital stats, disclosures)
    • identify what disclosures must be in it
    • identify what other numbers to put in
    • lay it out
    • print it up
  • Make flyers
  • Get yard sign
  • Schedule some open houses
  • Post to paid sites (MLS,, etc)
  • Post to free sites (craigslist, zillow, trulia, etc)
  • Socialize to friends, neighbors
  • Market to realtors?
Audrey did a great job with lesson 56.  She's actually getting to where she can almost read at normal speed on the second pass through those stories.

We got a bunch of stuff for fixing up the upstairs shower and kitchen.

-32.5 @ 238.7