We took the girls swimming today and did laps on the water slide. It was lots of fun and great confidence-building for them. Audrey's really impressing me with her solo sliding. She comes off the bottom into water too deep to stand, is momentarily submerged, and pops up laughing and swimming for the ladder to go again. It's just a matter of time until she realizes that Mom or Dad waiting at the bottom is only a formality. Lorelei is crazy for the slide too and but demonstrates a comforting degree of reserve about approaching it alone, in contrast to her pattern of plunging in unhesitatingly at Thanksgiving.

Audrey did lesson 47 or thereabouts in TYCTR.

We read several chapters of South from Alaska, by Mike Litzow, about his family's first expedition from Kodiak to Australia, with their infant son (which they subsequently repeated with another infant son!). It's beautifully written, and especially interesting to us, not only because of the special place AK holds in our hearts, but because Mike's nephew is a schoolmate of Audrey's.

-22.4 @ 248.7