We cleaned up Audrey's room, which was the last of our unaddressed persistent messes. It's actually never been truly clean since we moved in. Her closet especially. Nice to have that out of the way and very helpful for showing...

Here are my resolutions for 2013:

1. To eliminate all our debt -- no mortgage, no unsecured credit, no student loans. We want to cast off free of financial obligations.

2. To get to 200 pounds. That should be do-able. Since 9/10, when I weighed 271.2, I've averaged .23 pounds per day. To get to 200 by 2014, I'll have to do at least .12 pounds per day. When I strap into the bosun's chair, I don't want to wonder if the line will hold.

3. To continue to take concrete steps daily toward our goal, and to continue to be accountable to the blog for reporting those steps.

-25.9 @ 245.3 (38.7 off my all-time high of 284)