Audrey wanted to do lessons 38, 49, and 40 tonight. It was really awesome to watch. I believe we are past a tipping point now and she'll be reading her own books in a matter of a couple months. It's great not only because, I mean, she can read, but also because I can teach. That's going to be important as we cruise.

This evening we were reading about Guatemala in World Cruising Destinations. Rio Dulce sounds like a really neat place. It winds through the tropical rainforest far inland to a big lake -- Izabal -- and is lined with little indigenous Mayan communities. And the no visa thing is great, of course.

I put a big dent in one of our last remaining serious messes-- the upstairs shelving. Very satisfying to get that cleaned up.

I threw out a pair of 44 pants and pulled out a bunch of barely-used 40s Len had given me from a client of his who'd lost a lot of weight. I'm really excited to be able to fit into those. It's been quite awhile since I could wear 40s...

-22.4 @ 248.8