A "vessel" is a craft propelled by non-human, non-animal power.

Most privileged to least:
  1. any vessel overtaken
  2. any vessel with restricted movement due to physical constraints of the environment or the work in which it's engaged
  3. a sailing vessel.  Not a sailboat, but a sailing vessel.  A sailboat moving under power is not a sailing vessel.
  4. a vessel under power
  5. a seaplane
Stand-on vessels should not alter course or speed.

Power vessels (including sailboats under power)
  • meeting head on should alter course to pass port to port
  • starboard vessel crossing is stand-on (mnemonic: right has right-of way)
  • overtaken vessel is stand-on
Sailing vessels
  • meeting or crossing on the same tack, the windward vessel must give way
  • meeting or crossing on opposite tacks, the vessel on starboard tack is stand-on
  • overtaken vessel is stand-on
  • under way
    • white stern light visible in 135-degree arc
    • white masthead steaming light visible in a 225-degree arc forward when under power (not when sailing)
    • green starboard running light visible in an arc to 112.5 degrees aft
    • red port running light 
  • at anchor: white 360 degree anchor light (visible for at least 2 miles?)
  • towing something less than 200 meters aft, must two white 225-degree masthead lights.  more than 200 meters, must display 3

    Audrey's doing really well with TYCTR, and spontaneously sounds out words she sees on signs and magazines and stuff.  We're around lesson 30 or so, and she's getting really good at reading the "fast way" which is sounding the word out in your head before saying the word out loud.

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