In my first post, I said, "The journey is the destination..." but in a more recent post I complained that sometimes our goal seemed so far away that we might never get there.  Silly me!  I almost forgot that the journey is the destination.  So let me tell you about my day at the destination.

April's been craving a day free of child care and today was it.  She headed out for the evening last night and spent the night in Blackhawk with some other mommies.  She hung out with them most of the morning then rolled down to the flats for some errands until after bedtime today.

Well, Sweet Pea, Audrey, Lorelei and I had a great 24 hours on our own.  After Mom headed out last night the four of us settled in to watch The Rescuers.  I had a 45 when I was a kid that had an abridged version of the audio from that movie, but I'd never seen it until yesterday.  So of course it brought back some memories and I thought it was a really good movie.  What great voicing.  But the best part was that Audrey and Lorelei both decided to curl up on my lap so I got to spend the whole movie cuddling with my girls.  It may never happen again that both of them are in the mood to be still  and relax for 90 minutes, but it was really nice.

We all slept in until 8 this morning.  Yes, that's sleeping in.  After breakfast we all played in the basement until almost lunch.  Then we all took Sweet Pea for a walk and got good and cold, so we had hot chocolate for lunch.  After nap, we built a pillow fort in the basement and read 8 books.  That was so much fun that we decided to set up the tent in the basement and watch The Rescuers again.  By the time that was done, Lorelei was asking to go to bed.  After putting her down, Audrey and I turned out all the lights and did our Teach Your Child To Read exercises and read our Laura and Mary book by the flashlight.

My computer battery is about to die, but tomorrow I'll give an update on the Teach Your Child To Read situation.