Here are some pictures we took the day of the showing.  Our house had never been so clean.  We'll probably use these for our real posting in the spring.  

Len installed a new bedroom door for us the other day, and repaired some water damage to the sheet rock next to the tub.  He and I also installed the long-absent towel bar in the second bathroom. 

I'm going to be after myself to get back to posting daily, so we all have that to look forward to.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I find myself experiencing mixed feelings today.  While I am so deeply grateful for my wonderful family and friends, I can't help thinking of those whose families and friends have been destroyed  and will be destroyed in the years ahead by American imperial adventurism.  As we know, "war is the health of state."

What horrific and countless tragedies each of us has lent our material support to through taxes on our productive labors, day in and day out.  It must give pause to anyone who dares to give it a moment's thought on days like these when we are expected to merely gloat over our own good fortunes.  What an ethical quandary it is:  Can we be held responsible for evil perpetrated using resources of which we were forcibly dispossessed?  One might think not.  Yet, knowing the intentions of those who have taken from us for evil purposes in the past, can we be excused for continuing to produce the fodder we know will be taken from us for evil in the future?  One might also think not.