There's been a stream of really inspiring posts from Behan ( since they departed Australia a few weeks ago and are making their way through Papua New Guinea.  Those guys are definitely role models for us.

We've renewed our focus on divestiture of excess clothing, pun intended.  We've been carrying it out by the bag-full.   It's a truly wonderful sensation.

We're continuing to forge ahead in our reading.  We're on Chapter 8 of It's Your Boat Too.  That's a really great book.

I also completed Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Essentials.  I don't know that I'd recommend it.  Though there were some good parts, there were large chunks of the book where he just went over statistics he'd gathered over the years.  That could've all been condensed into a few pages of tables and might've been more useful in that form.  My favorite parts were on the various ways you can quickly install a high-capacity through-hull (whales, submarines, tankers, reefs) and on the variety of communication technology and what kind of information is available through each (SSB and GRIB files, SailMail, shortwave and email, VHF, etc.)