Getting very close on this window and door project....

It's starting to feel like a home improvement blog.  Just to remind myself: I am doing all this home maintenance in order to make the house more marketable.  I am making the house more marketable in order to maximize the sale price.  I am maximizing the sale price of the house in order to hasten the day that we cast off to explore afloat.  This is a blog about our journey and how we are making it happen.  Just to remind myself.  

I opened a practice forex account.  I've made a couple trades and am ahead so far.  I have a huge amount to learn before I would ever try it with real money, but I'm really enjoying exploring forex.

We read the 3rd chapter of It's Your Boat Too, which I thought was really great.  Suzanne Giesemann encourages women to take on projects and roles aboard of their own choosing, rather than defaulting to the "pink" jobs.  I couldn't agree more.  All the jobs that need doing need doing, but I hope April and my girls will always feel empowered and encouraged to do the job that inspires them, both aboard and ashore.  And frankly, Giesemann just makes boat maintenance sound like a lot of fun!