After we met with the realtor I'm actually feeling a little less overwhelmed by selling the house. She didn't tell us we were ready to put it on the market now, but she did help us make a manageable list of priorities. She walked through the entire house, garage and yard with us.

Here is our list:
1. de-clutter every room - she originally recommended that we just pack it all up and stack it in the garage, but since we are selling everything eventually anyway, we will just try to get that done before we put it on the market
2. fix up the kitchen - oil our cabinets, install mechanisms to keep our cabinets closed, change our vinyl flooring, change the overhead light fixture, buy a matching stainless stove hood.
3. fix up the upstairs bath - retile the shower, fix the towel bar, add a mirror
4. change the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom
5. repair the laundry room doors
6. re-paint the walls
7. install new smoke and CO alarms
8. sand and repaint window frames and sills
9. replace the upstairs door

Looking at it in this orderly list makes it feel very doable! The scariest part of this adventure for me has just been moved way down the list.