It's 10:12 Mountain Time, so in Florida it's officially Dad's birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad!  Hope you enjoy your GOB subscription.

I worked on windows a lot today.  It's a surprising amount of work.  I've got the first two (the kitchen windows) all pretty much sanded down to bare wood now.  Next I'll apply some wood hardener, fill in some cracks and missing chunks with "plastic wood" and then paint.  One thing that's got me a little stumped is the old caulk.  Not sure how to get that stuff off.  Maybe some kind of solvent?  I'll have to ask the Home Depot guys I guess.

I was going to mention our list of priorities from the realtor for getting the house ready to sell in spring, but April says she's getting ready to write that up instead, so I'll stay off her turf.

We're going to take our basic First Aid class together this coming Saturday at the YMCA if all goes according to plan (with sitters and stuff).  After that, we'll probably take turns taking these 2-day wilderness first aid classes at REI .  Then, if we're really feeling ambitious, then we'll take this advanced wilderness first aid class.

From the sound of things, I declared victory over the critters prematurely.  I'm pretty bummed about that and at a loss about what to do next.