Yup, she's definitely bored with these first couple lessons.  This is going to involve a little more effort on my part to figure out how to fast forward to the more interesting lessons without skipping anything that we need to build on to get there.  And then again, maybe this just isn't what she wants to do right now.  We'll see.

We have our babysitter confirmed for our first aid class in December so that's looking good.

I'm working my way through the School of Pipsology.

Audrey routinely swims unassisted these days, while Lorelei spent her whole bath floating on her back in the tub today.

Terry over at East Street Garage called this afternoon to tell me he got the power-steering leak fixed on the Jeep and fixed the squeaky belt for $120.  Hurray!  Now I can try again at the emissions station.

The windows and door project is on hold until warmer weather returns.  June, maybe.

We read the second chapter from It's Your Boat Too.  It was really good stuff on taking control of your outlook and attitude, and April commented that it could have been the first chapter from any of several books she uses in therapy with clients.