I had a yearly exam today, and told my doctor our plans to sail the world. I told her partly because I like to tell everyone these days (wink), but also because I wanted to discuss any vaccinations we might need to get before we begin and how far in the future I should plan those doctor visits. She told me I needed to act at least 6 weeks before our voyage (so I have a little time), and she also said I should see a Travel Doctor, which I didn't even know existed.

Afterwards I had lunch with my good friend Alyssa and her son Van, and we discussed them meeting us for a visit in the Mediterranean. Talks like that get me so excited to see the world, and SO SO excited that we may have friendly faces from home popping in on us during our adventure. 

In local news, it was a very rainy day in Nederland and Boulder today, something that hardly ever happens! Not that it doesn't rain here, but it never rains all day. Our norm is lots and lots of sun with a brief afternoon shower. Lorelei loved stomping in the puddles. Audrey wanted to join the fun, but refused to wear sensible shoes and instead opted for sparkly pink mary-janes, so after her first splash her feet were soaking wet, and she was a little crabby about it. I hate to admit it, but I was pretty pleased with myself. I was saying in my head "'See, Mama does know best!", but out loud I was saying "bummer sweetie, I guess those shoes aren't made for splashing in puddles".