Well, we've been writing this blog for just over a month, and we've been pursuing this BHAG since July 22.  Let's pause to review what's happened in that time.
  • We've announced our intention to our family and friends.
  • We've formulated a concrete plan on how to do it.
  • We've begun preparing our house for sale in spring 2013.
  • We've sold $180 worth of stuff.
  • We've spent $73.61 on sailing books.
  • We've listed about $500 more in stuff for sale.
  • We've begun posting all those gently-used too-smalls for sale on ebay.
  • We've read a chapter a night together of The Capable Cruiser.
  • We've identified the basic and wilderness first aid classes available in our area.
  • We've started a blog.
  • We've made 33 posts in 35 days.
  • We've had 695 page views.
  • We've identified all the major to-dos for the effort.
We have a tremendous amount left to do.  In the next month, I anticipate that we will:
  • Sell most of the large items in our garage.
  • Sell most of our baby clothes.
  • Finish reading together The Capable Cruiser.
  • Finish reading together the story of the Bumfuzzlers' circumnavigation.
  • Finish reading World Cruising Esentials.
  • Order World Cruising Routes.
  • Develop a lot more specific knowledge on cruising vessels. 
  • Complete several home projects.
  • Continue to write about a post a day.
As Dad always told me growing up, "slow but steady wins the race..."