I spent 4 hours in our crawl space today filling gaps with that expanding foam stuff.  For insulation, yes, but also, unfortunately, for critters.  That was one of the more unpleasant experiences of late.  So, good progress on getting the house in shape.

And on another challenge I've set for myself.  I'm not, um, lazy, exactly, but I will take any excuse avoid doing something unpleasant.  I'm lazy about doing stuff that doesn't seem like fun.  What do you call that?  Lazy?  Anyway, I realize that this is a big liability and even more so as a cruiser where self-sufficiency counts for a lot and often entails unpleasant jobs.  So I'm working on plowing through the impulse to avoid them and do what needs to be done and today was a big victory on that front.

April's friend Elsa lent us a copy of her brother-in-law's (Mike Litzow, of thelifegalactic.blogspot.com) book, South From Alaska, which I think is only distributed in Australia.  We started reading that this afternoon and we're really enjoying it.  It's very nicely written, about a very identifiable couple, and very encouraging that this can in fact be done.

April made delicious grilled salmon with garlic, lemon and pepper for dinner.  I might just become a seafood lover yet.