Whoa.  Almost fell off the blog-wagon for a second there.  But we're still forging ahead on the plan.

We're teaching the girls boat terminology by referring to the bow and stern of the car, the helm, and the cockpit.  Around the house, we're referring to the heads, ports, galley, cabins and berths, the dinette, the settee, and the salon.  Great suggestion from Mom.

We read the insurance chapter in The Capable Cruiser last night.  Lin and Larry say that they don't carry health insurance for cruising away from the US.  They say healthcare is just affordable elsewhere.  Which gave me an awesome idea which I can't tell you about.

They also said that while insurance for vessels on passage is very expensive, insurance is pretty affordable for boats cruising coastal waters (where all the rocks and anchor-dragging and other boats are).  So I said we should just get insurance any time we arrive somewhere we plan to spend some time, and then like three sentences later they suggested the same thing.  We're like totally sympatico.

We've also been working on identifying specific, actionable items for our big to-do list.  We'd stalled out on that for a bit.  It's actually kind of a challenge to get from something like "save up for a boat" to specific things we can start doing to start to achieve that end.  One thing we've got going for is that we actually have an excellent budgeting system, for the first time ever, and have been actually living on our budget for a year or so.  But anyway, we've been working really hard on getting down to those do-able items, and are making some headway.

April sent in all her licensure paperwork so soon she should be able to counsel insurance clients.  So we're just waiting for the dollars to start pouring in now.

I've been having a hankering to watch Captain Ron for the last couple days.  What are some other good sailing movies?  Anyone?  What about some great sailing books for kids?