We're making slow but steady progress on filling out our to-do list.  We're getting down to some actionable items in some areas.  Looking forward to starting to cross some things off and establishing some momentum on this project...

I enjoyed a number of Connie's posts on simplysailingonline.com today.  I especially like Connie's words of wisdom from Entering a Harbor at Night:

There are some sayings that we have turned into family rules on Eurisko. You can ask any of our boys and they'll rattle them off more quickly than multiplication tables. Start these sentences in their presence, and one of them will complete it:
If you can hear it [lightning]...it can get you.
(We have NOAA to thank for that one!)
If you have to ask...do it.
(Usually used to answer such questions as, "Should I put out another anchor?")
If you fall in...you're dead.
(We are not real big proponents of sugar coating things!)
When the wind dies...reef.
(Invariably you sit there, watching the squall line head your way, the wind dies and you know, put it in now while it's easy or have hell to pay in a few minutes.)
It's easier to shake one later if we don't need it [a reef]...than to put it in if we do.
(Before raising the main to sail off the anchor, whoever is raising it looks at the rest of the crew and says, "Full sail or should I tuck one it?")
And some sentences we use to remind each other of decision, good and bad, that we've made in the past:
It only takes one.
(The boys' personal favorite!)
And the one I most often have to remind captain and crew of on those dark nights when we are only minutes from being able to anchor, if only we could get through that cut/inlet/harbor:
I also enjoyed her entertaining and informative Bells and Whistles.  I'm looking forward to shouting out my window at the next cyclist I pass (and it's Boulder, so it won't be long) that I'm passing him on two whistles.

OK, time to turn in for our nightly reading from The Capable Cruiser.  Good night.