Some days I think potty training is really taking off for little Lorelei, and other days I'm completely exasperated with the whole thing. She is SO interested in it! She wants to go potty all of the time, and is getting pretty good at going pee in the potty. She will also, on occasion, make 3 drops of pee on the potty, then say 'all done mama' and run off. Before I can get the diaper on her she has squatted and peed on the carpet. Oh- and then yesterday she was sitting on the potty and made a little toot, which I thought was promising...but then she got up, ran to her changing table and said 'diaper on please mama', so I put on the diaper, and 3 minutes later she pooped in it.

I'm really not in a hurry for her to potty train, she is only 21 months old. She is so interested though, that I feel I can't deny her, although I think it would be way easier if she waited a few more months, and then tried. I think this is another instance of wanting to do everything her big sister does.

At this rate I think she will definitely be potty trained by the time we move on to the boat though! That will be nice. I recently read a moms account of washing out all of her diapers by hand while cruising with her infant. NO THANK YOU!!