Here's a great article (A movable feast: For some, the world is a classroom) about homeschooling and exploring, and featuring the crew of S/V Totem and S/V Excellent Adventure, among others.  This really spoke to me:
With kids, life goes by very quickly,” said Jamie Gifford, ... co-captain of S/V Totem. “We’ve spoken to empty-nesters who regretted not spending enough time with their kids. We’ve never met anyone who regretted spending too much time with their kids.
And this from Jamie Farmer:
I also found out that a lot of the curriculum from sixth, seventh and eighth grade repeats. I asked why, and teachers told me that ‘the kids are so distracted, so we repeat information and hope it sticks.’ 
The article says, "After doing some research, Farmer discovered that she could cover the entire seventh-grade curriculum at home with her daughters in about two to two and a half hours a day."

Farmer says:
We read all our history out loud — they love that and beg for more of that — and we read great works of literature too. We read ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ and I can’t believe how much parenting came out of that. Within the first 20 pages, we had discussions about the dangers of gossiping, the role of women, courting versus marriage, the appropriate age for dating, the appropriate way for a boy to treat you. If they had read that in the classroom, we would have missed all of that follow-up discussion ... That was really a surprise to me, an unexpected gift.”
From Loreen Hudson of the Excellent Adventure:
Our entire lives began to focus on things that were urgent but not important. There’s some meeting at work, or the car needs to [have its emissions checked], or one of the kids has an appointment — all of it seems urgent, but none of it is important. And then you realize it and you say, ‘AAAAAAAHHH!!’ 
Finally, from Behan Gifford, also of the Totem:
Really, truly, anyone can do this. Mostly there are just mental hurdles to overcome.